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The school board must give approval before an applicant is officially admitted to Peaceful Valley Christian School. The student seeking admittance and his/her parents may be requested to appear before the school board prior to admittance. Attendance is a privilege rather than a right.


The school reserves the right to refuse admittance and to dismiss any student in order to safeguard the scholastic, spiritual, and moral atmosphere of the school. Because some attitudes and some covert behaviors might be detrimental to the school atmosphere, they may be the basis of dismissal. Therefore, specific charges of misconduct may or may not accompany the request for dismissal. The school does not engage in a policy of racial segregation or discrimination.


New students making application to the school will need to supply the board with two references. One should come from a pastor and one from a teacher or other adult who has had direct interaction with the child. Neither of the references may be a relative of the student.